Offering you a new life experience

Life In Kolti

Hidden treasures & Tourism Pvt. Ltd. is a company that aims at the development of society. In the raging race of today’s world, cultures and societies lag behind. Lust for money. status, and power has led mankind to such a stage where the very basic cultures and social lives have lost their importance. Hidden treasures and Tourism Pvt. Ltd. therefore, tries to bring people and culture together, through tourism.


‘Life In Kolti’ is the first product from Hidden Treasures & Tourism Pvt. Ltd. It is a travel,starting with a simple trek and opening a way to new whole new life experience..

1) What is included in this life experience?

– Cultural exchange (folklore, music & dance)
– Exploration of the ‘Hidden Treasures’
– ‘Pahadi’ food
– Bird Watching
– Stargazing
– Adventure sports

2) How will it be taking place?

Please refer to the album ‘itinerary’ on our facebook page.-\Htreasures

3) How to be a part of this life experience?

– Call us at the following numbers: +919650502371, +919012275111 , +918800105441
– Mail us at – ,

4) Will this life experience cost you a lot?

No, the prices are really reasonable.
Rs. 1800/- for citizens of India
Rs. 3000/- for Foreign nationals

5) How long will this last?

– Individual trips will be of 2 days and 1 night
– The program will start from 12th, May 2012 and go on till mid- July.


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