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Hidden treasures & Tourism Pvt. Ltd. is a Cultural-Eco Travel company that combines thrill of adventure with appreciation of beauty of nature and the aesthetic and humanist pleasure of interacting with hill village culture. We aim at providing a simple and beautiful life experience and a feeling of the life still close to nature. We also try to bring ‘peoples’ from different cultures together and …aim at a vibrant cultural interaction rather than stage like performances by local people. Dance, Music ,Food, Folklore , Stories, and conversation around the fire at night is a simply beautiful experience that we offer to fellow travelers. Also the place being extremely rich in bird life is a heaven for bird watchers and a beautiful opportunity for the rest to be introduced to the amazing world of these beautiful and colorful creatures.
The completely full and amazingly beautiful night sky in the hills is a perfect place for Star gazing enthusiasts.

Our main objectives are:

To open to the world, a window to the ‘hidden treasures’ of nature. The
sights, the smells, the feelings, that seems to be lost to most of us in
the mad pace of civilization. In the process to rediscover the
knowledge, art forms and survival techniques of people living far
away from what we have come to know as the normal day to day life in
cities. To save these cultures, which seem to be moving towards
extinction, from being overwhelmed by the emerging, one global culture.

To bring a change in society and people, and ultimately a cultural
revolution so that society moves closer to the state of harmony
and love for the simple beauty and knowledge exceeds the love
for money and material.

To emerge as a platform for people to meet, discuss, learn from each
other, create art, create music, and develop their ideas to bring in
the change that is much required.

To open everyone’s eyes towards what our wanton actions could do to
the nature and thus the world.


2 responses

  1. Diwanshu

    Great work.. I am in for the cultural revolution..

    November 30, 2012 at 11:01 pm

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