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Yellow Goodness!


To our absolute delight we found in our campsite Yellow Himalayan Raspberry (Hinser) bushes leaden with it’s beautiful, fresh and rich fruit. Following this discovery was a long session of plucking and savoring the organic yet heavenly taste of the freshness that this stout evergreen bush had to offer us. Its prickly stem was however hardly a protection against us, the victims of industrial world and artificial flavors, for it is our hunger for the true taste of life that drives us back towards that which isn’t and cannot be synthesized. This summer fruit is not without its fair share of medicinal value. Apart from promoting perspiration and urination, Hinsar also aids in digestion. It is also found to be helpful in controlling dysentery. Found throughout the Himalayan range it is known by different names like Ainselu, Heer, Hinser and Rasbhari. This month is that of fruity delights in the hills with spirited reds of kafal and cheerful yellows of hinser dotting the greens of the forest.