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Booking Offices

Our booking offices in Mussoorie:
1) S. S Enterprises, opp. Bata… kulri bazar..
2) Hotel Hill View.. Mussoorie…

tickets can also be booked by sending us mails on:

For any other related queries call us at:
1) 9690922088
2) 9012275111

Kafal Month

Kafal(Myrica Nagi) is an uncultivated fruit of the Uttarakhand hills that repines in the months of May and June. It has high medicinal value and has been mentioned  in ancient scriptures of Ayurveda as a pain killer, beneficial for throat, purifies of seminal fluids and more.  In fact powder made from it’s bark enhances healing. Massage from this fruit oil provides relief from body ache.


Being a non commercial fruit it is available only during this time of the year and the people living in hills engage themselves often in the simple pleasure of plucking the fruit from trees and relishing it’s taste. The seeds of kafal, that they swallow, are said to be beneficial for digestion and the fruit itself is considered to be an appetite booster.

These days Kolti-dwellers often bring large quantity of ripe red Kafal fruit whenever they return to the village from work. Children pluck it from trees, that are abundant in this region, and eat it on way to school and back home. It is even a part of their cherished memories and grown ups often share how they used to bath and play in nearby streams  surviving only on Kafal fruit till late in the evenings.

Kafals are ripe. Kolti is waiting. Come fellow travelers join us before the stalks of nature end for the season 🙂

We are celebrating this month as Kafal Month and exploring it’s presense in Folk songs and in pahadi culture as a whole.

Life In Kolti

Hidden treasures & Tourism Pvt. Ltd. is a company that aims at the development of society. In the raging race of today’s world, cultures and societies lag behind. Lust for money. status, and power has led mankind to such a stage where the very basic cultures and social lives have lost their importance. Hidden treasures and Tourism Pvt. Ltd. therefore, tries to bring people and culture together, through tourism.


‘Life In Kolti’ is the first product from Hidden Treasures & Tourism Pvt. Ltd. It is a travel,starting with a simple trek and opening a way to new whole new life experience..

1) What is included in this life experience?

– Cultural exchange (folklore, music & dance)
– Exploration of the ‘Hidden Treasures’
– ‘Pahadi’ food
– Bird Watching
– Stargazing
– Adventure sports

2) How will it be taking place?

Please refer to the album ‘itinerary’ on our facebook page.-\Htreasures

3) How to be a part of this life experience?

– Call us at the following numbers: +919650502371, +919012275111 , +918800105441
– Mail us at – ,

4) Will this life experience cost you a lot?

No, the prices are really reasonable.
Rs. 1800/- for citizens of India
Rs. 3000/- for Foreign nationals

5) How long will this last?

– Individual trips will be of 2 days and 1 night
– The program will start from 12th, May 2012 and go on till mid- July.

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