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Radiating Tunes

When was the last time you sat idle? Sitting on a couch maybe and watching a box displaying a sugar coated world or perhaps, updates from the ‘real world’. A seed of intellect, destined to grow into a tree, thus perishes dormant. Moreover, it spoils the entire lot of grains around it, which, but increase mass and cover up the holes that lead to depth. A tragedy, as it appears, is what occurs daily and has become a vicious circle, rotting every moment. A world where ‘the good’ can be bought like any other product sold on the roadside is where we belong. Every five years a new puppet appears alongside the old one, with hands manifesting false hopes. Then, with an addition of money and alcohol, the country is governed. A country, where the elector is a mere subject of the rule… No difference persists between day and night. On one hand is the dark night, where day is already darkened by the soot rising from the fiery deeds of human beings. On the other is the bright day with light. This light then is fetishized during night to create a superficial day made out of lights! The doers are here not to blame as the non-doers sit with hands clasped adoring the feverish times. Adoration, it seems, rises out of the false interpretation of a symbol, and then owing to our ‘progressive’ society, it sets in! The non-doers then become a part of the great picture and exhaust their wills to stand against the ill times. All that is needed is a little bit of time to sit back idle and ponder, but outside the box!

Kolti, a place that has not yet been bitten by the serpent raging in the cities, gives one such standpoint to ponder over. For one cannot know what is going wrong, unless an attempt is made to rise above the self- formed images and then look down! A city, what one considers, is one such self formed image. Thus, one needs to rise, perhaps to the mountains, to look at the problems. For enlightenment was gained only by rising above the self! In a divine atmosphere of the Himalayas, alongside some showers of indigenous flavors, dance, music and stories, there is an attempt to take a little stride towards this realization. The lure of the wild towards the essence of life is what fosters this understanding. What if we have interpreted the world of the lesser wild according to our lifestyles? One can never really dissect everything, but feel the true essence of it.

Sitting on a ridge in the mountains, catching hold of a guitar and playing your heart out! Soft breeze then aids you to get connected with what one calls the self. Life in harmony divulges all the happiness you ever longed for. All one needs is to break free from the false obligations chaining one in today’s ‘classical’ lifestyle. The clothes only but reveal, peace however deflowers. Such experiences are endangered and quite often are named ‘bad’. An association with drugs, Satan, lunatics and the list goes on… Close to nature today is: caged in a cocoon, riding through a jungle on tracks carved out by felling trees. And then the entire experience is captured by Pinocchio cameras! Funny but strangely true on the contrary. Such spots are then protected under special funds and committees by our unworthy puppets! A protected island to justify the degradation of rest of the world!

Countless attempts to clean the dirt by jumping into the filth have come up front. A great job indeed, but better could be done if one rises above this filth to get a clearer view of the plague. In the current scenario the raging fire below has started degrading the beautiful mountains. Extinguish the fire before it is too late. Cease it before our time to think and act is over. Kill it before a free life is burnt forever.

As we celebrate the smallest of moments in life and live their beauty, it is time that we share the happiness. For happiness is meant to be shared. Let’s all unite for a change brought by this peace and sit back to decide if a need to travel up to the mountains arises…

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