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Kolti, being close to thickly forested slopes, is a biological hotspot apart from possessing amazing scenic beauty. Being a home to several species of thrushes, woodpeckers, barbets, flycatchers, and tits, it is an excellent place to observe Himalayan birds in their natural habitat. With several streams and waterfalls falling and flowing down the slopes and in the valley, spotted fork tails and plumbeous water redstarts can be seen hopping around and many other birds frequent this source of nature’s heavenly music. Several Raptors are also seen soaring high up in the sky.

Also many butterfly species can be seen fluttering around throughout the year. Pansies, Punches, Black veins and several others are common sightings.

Apart from the feathers and wings, furs are also spotted if you are lucky enough. These include Foxes, leopards and deer (ghot and kakar as they are called in the regional language)…


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